Original Levee space in early 2019


Levee was begun to offer the surrounding community, whether a local or a vacationer, the opportunity to engage with visual art on a socially conscious and publicly engaging level.  Our vision is to show a diverse range of artists from around the country, whose artworks are of a variance of conceptual themes, materials and processes.

Levee establishes itself in the Midwest as a commercial, contemporary space that is unique in its offerings, exhibition projects, and small roster of represented artists.  In addition to its commercial sales of art, Levee Contemporary Art Gallery is also a community partner in providing opportunities for visiting curators, collegiate art internships, K-12 student engagement, as well as regional juried exhibitions.

Levee’s look and feel is clean and comforting, offering a concise interior free of cluttered curation in order for our viewers to enjoy themselves when making a purchase, at either the beginning or established collector’s level.